About AK Tripping

We are a small Alaskan family business hoping to make a big impact on the transportation needs of folks visiting our fine state. Brooks and Leslie Patton have been in Alaska for a very long time, Leslie born and raised and Brooks for 35 years.

Transportation can be challenging in Alaska. It can derail a vacation pretty fast to realize you have to get to a distant point B and there are very few options leaving from point A. Mass transit options leave little to no control over places to stop and things to do along the way. While the destination is the goal, the trip itself should be equally amazing, and we try to cater each and every trip around the interests of the passengers that day. Photo stops are included on every trip and separate side excursions can be made as well.

Our aim is to take required transportation for your visit to Alaska and transform it into an enhancement of the vacation itself. We provide artisan level transportation with experienced drivers that not only know a lot about the state, but know how to drive it even in treacherous conditions. We hope to be a part of your Alaska experience!