Commonly Asked Questions

Every trip is unique, each with its own requirements and deadlines. As a result we don’t take a cookie cutter approach to our excursions and instead cater them to the needs of our customers. You might need a drop off at a remote tour provider, or, maybe you need that dropoff and for us to wait for you and return you back to your pickup location. Perhaps you need supplies picked up and delivered, or, perhaps you need us to to shop for those supplies to your specifications then bring them to you. The scenarios are as varied as our customers and it doesn’t strike us as fair to charge rates that are higher for all in order to take a catch all approach in pricing. To that end we provide a quote for every unique trip and do our level best to make it affordable and fair to all our customers, big or small. Here are some key points on how this works.

* Fill out the online form and we’ll contact you personally regarding your trip and plans with a quote. If something is unclear to us about your needs we’ll confirm it with a call to the number you provide.

* Once the details are solid we will send you a unique payment link for your trip that includes all the details of your order from the pricing to the specifics of your requests. Payment must be cleared before your trip is officially booked in our system, once booked, you’re all set!

* Plans, like road conditions, change. We get that. If for any reason you need to cancel your trip we will immediately issue a refund to the payment source you used to book it. Alternately, if your plans expand and you need additional services we can adjust your trip and charges accordingly. You can reach us by phone and even by text to our main number. As long as we both have cell service, we are seconds away!

* Trips where we provide shopping services will be charged by a best guess estimate on the goods you are purchasing. If our estimate is over, we refund that amount just as soon as we’ve completed your shopping run. If the charges are higher than expected, we’ll send you a payment link, along with a copy of the receipt from your shopping run, and you can pay any remaining balance from there. Remaining balance needs to be paid prior to drop off.

* We take great care to meet the expectations we set with our customers. We understand that from tours to supply drops, timing is critical. If we fail to meet those expectations we will work with you to find a fair and equitable solution for your troubles. These situations are exceedingly rare and are always unforeseen issues out of our direct control, but when we tell you we’ll be there we mean it. If we fail at that, we take it very seriously and will reimburse you accordingly.