About AK Tripping

We are a small family Alaskan business hoping to make a big impact on the transportation needs of our fellow Alaskans and the folks visiting our fine state. Brooks and Leslie Patton have been in Alaska for a very long time, Leslie born and raised and Brooks for 33 years.

Brooks, the LPM (Lead Pack Mule) is a professional driver who has also worked for Uber, Lyft, and Instacart. While these services do a great job of serving metro areas the more remote communities have few options for transportation and grocery/supply deliveries. Our hope is to remove that disparity for these underserved communities at reasonable rates that save residents money when compared to “doing it themselves”. Until now, the DIY approach to this was the only option for many in these communities which can be a huge drain on not only their time but their wallets as well.

We look forward to serving our neighbors and providing them with a service that will become a “go-to” resource. Building relationships is part of being an Alaskan and we value that even over the business itself. We look forward to meeting you in your little corner of the greatest state in the country!